A Sustainable, Ecological and Responsible Company

A Sustainable Environment is Our Future.

Here’s how:

Using 100% of the harvested nut. Nothing is wasted. Fallen Nuts and leaves are used as a fertilizer and new uses are constantly being researched, such as biochar for carbon capture and storage.

One of the most significant effects of high soil temperature is water loss – it simply evaporates from the soil which weakens it and allows the wind to blow it away. Planting trees that provide food is reducing the deforestation. Regeneration of tree plantations in our farms protects the natural topography and waterways of the region, creating a heaven for native animals and beneficial insects as well as improving overall soil health.

The Macadamia industry or in general Agro farming is one of the main economic contributors in some regions in which we active. Each year, we invest and helping to local community to learn new ways of sustainable farming. We are also committed to create jobs, supporting local villages, schools and local cooperatives. We hope that cooperation and helping to each other will bring brighter future for all of us.

Organic farming

Macadamia industry is general linked to the environments and communities in which we operate. In everything we do, we are mindful of our responsibility to current and future generations. Our macadamia farms focus on clean and organic farming and use the world’s best farming methods to help create a sustainable future.

100% Organic/ 100% Renewable/ 100% Nature Friendly

In our farms and distribution centers we use solar panels. It generate electricity locally and feed into the local electricity grid using a free source of energy (the sun) to generate electricity on bright cloudy days as well as in direct sunlight. Solar makes virtually no noise or waste and has no moving parts. It is one of the best energy technologies that saves costs and nature.

Thousands of macadamia trees across our farms help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.