MACADAMIA NUT BUTTER SMOOTH OR CRISPY (with honey or stevia & ginger)

It is mild, sweeter taste and new discoveries Macadamia Nut* Butter with organic Honey* or Stevia* and organic Ginger*. It is a great combination to support the immune system.
*Macadamia nuts contained in the butter will take care of the abundance of minerals, vitamins and protein! It is paste to sweet teeth – without feeling guilty! You will quickly be full and get energy and freshness.
*Ginger protects against bacterial infections.
*Honey acts as an antioxidant that helps fight diseases as well as improve the functioning of the immune system.
*Stevia Stevia is a natural sweetener, a great choice for those who control their sugar intake, especially for athletes and diabetics. Stevia has a low glycemic index and products with stevia have a lower caloric content. Vegan