Macadamia Nut Oil

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100% natural Macadamia Nut Oil is nutritious,buttery, seasoning both hot and cold dishes.The food will be soft, fragrant and eventastier. It has a mild taste and golden color.Many believe it improves digestion, heartwork and provides energy! It is suitable forcooking, baking, frying, preparation of anycold dishes. Use Macadamia nut oil withmeat, fish, vegetables, groats. Fry pastrystraws or donuts. Macadamia nut oil containsmonounsaturated palmitoleic (omega-7)fatty acid, while the content of oleic oromega-9 fatty acids is higher than in olive oil.This oil also contains a lot of vitamin E. As aresult, this oil is absorbed by cells very wellthan any other. A much healthier and morebeneficial alternative to oil for the humanbody.